Chris & Kat


Chris Vincent, LISW

 I have been providing psychotherapy to adults and children since 1997. My expertise includes the treatment of depression, anxiety, grief and trauma.  I have advanced training in EMDR (used to treat PTSD), as well as Play Therapy.  I see therapy as the building of a relationship which focuses on the goals of growth and healing.  I view my clients as persons who possess limitless potential for change, problem solving and wholeness.  My role is to help clients learn about themselves as well as develop new perspectives and skills for living a more balanced and fulfilling life.  


Kat Nydam Olivier, LISW

 I have been practicing clinical social work in a community mental health setting since 2008, and have helped individuals and couples with problems such as relationship problems, anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, preoccupations with food and weight, substance abuse disorders, gender dysphoria, and recovery from trauma. I prefer to use a narrative approach in my clinical work, though I welcome and encourage client feedback and incorporate tools and ideas from a variety of practice models to help meet clients’ needs. Narrative therapy is based on the idea that “the person is never the problem, the problem is the problem.” In sessions, we explore values, experiences, turning points, and key relationships that guide a person’s life. In doing so, we often uncover “forgotten stories” of strengths, knowledges, and resiliencies that open up new possibilities for preferred outcomes. My background also includes extensive experience with victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, including groundbreaking coalition work in the area of advocacy for LGBTQ-identified victims and survivors. I live in Iowa City with my wife, our son, and four cats.

To schedule with me online, please go to TherapyAppointment.com and click on “Find Your Therapist.” Enter my last name (Olivier) in the field, and you will be directed to log in or register.